Get insights on your guest customers with smart receipts.

Grow your business with Airslip, the customer experience platform.
Simple. Smart. Sustainable.

What is a Smart Receipt?

A smart receipt is an interactive, intuitive and connected proof of purchase that enables consumers to engage with brands post-sale. Smart receipts require no personal information or barcode scanning at the checkout or account creation online and are sent securely to the consumer’s smartphone.

Smart receipts enable retailers to unlock the power in their existing customer base by leveraging customer insights, learning consumer preferences and behaviour and anticipating future needs which in turn, enhances the post-sale experience for consumers.

No consumer habit change at the checkout. With all the major payment methods your customers are familiar with.

Grow an everlasting company.

Turn your unknown shoppers into loyal customers.

Want to engage with your customers without having to ask for personal information at the checkout or relying on a loyalty scheme?

Now you can.

Airslip’s proprietary technology links online and offline transactions providing a connection to your customers through smart receipts by seamlessly integrating into your existing Point of Sale and Online Payment Gateway.

One integration, continuous growth.

Enhance your brands post-sale customer experience by leveraging customer insights.

At Airslip, we work with you to build a personalised dashboard to receive anonymised insights and customer profiles creating a unique view of your customers. 

With data at your fingertips, you can learn customer traits, spending habits and behaviours to fully understand who your customers are and what they want.

We take care of the technology so you can focus on running your business. 

Let us help you turn those unknown shoppers into loyal customers.

Unlock the value in your existing customer base.

Turn one-off transactions into repeat purchases.

Want to keep your existing customers loyal to your brand and coming back for more?

Airslip’s AI-powered algorithm uses customer insights to anticipate customers needs providing personalised product promotions on every smart receipt so you can sell more to the customers that trust your brand the most.




Additional Purchase

Universal offering.

An intuitive platform for your customers.

Airslip provides your customers with a feature rich interactive platform to engage with your brand. We help continue your customer service so you can benefit from improved customer satisfaction, increased brand loyalty and a higher rate of customer retention.

Reduced environmental impact.

Create a sustainable future for you and your customers.

There’s no doubt that legislation surrounding global warming is increasing worldwide. Airslip not only solves your customer engagement needs, we also provide a sustainable solution to paper receipts and offline marketing. Smart receipts are the future.

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