Pay as usual and automatically receive everything related to your purchase.

Straight to your smartphone.

Receipts, loyalty points, guarantees, user manuals & more.

With a no-touch digital wallet.
One Secure App

Automatically receive and see all your transactions & receipts in one place.

Easy Rewards

Sign up or enrol in one-click to loyalty schemes and earn rewards by simply paying.

Smart Features

Warranty & refund notifications, split bill and one-click business expense upload.

Continue paying as usual with no change at the checkout.

The post-sale journey can be frustrating.

Once you have completed your purchase, you can still end up with a miserable experience.

Losing receipts so you can't claim on warranties or refunds.

Repeatedly having to spell out email addresses in order to be continuously spammed.

Missing out on loyalty rewards because joining in tedious and using the loyalty card or app is too time consuming.

Wasting hours on business expense forms, sifting through receipts and taking photos to manually upload receipts.

Trying to budget or figure out what you spend across various bank accounts.

Time Wasting
Not Eco-Friendly

Finally, an app to help busy people organise their lives.

All by simply paying as usual.
No barcodes. No separate apps or cards. No friction.
One secure place that automatically receives and stores everything related to purchases.

Earn rewards automatically and sign up for new loyalty schemes in one-click.

Easily upload receipts to accounting software for business expense management.

No personal information or barcode scanning required.

Ability to see all transactions in one place across multiple bank accounts with product-level budgeting.

Like you, we understand how frustrating and time-consuming it is losing a receipt.

And it’s not just the receipt, it’s the loyalty sign-up forms, the budgeting, the returns, the warranties, the expense forms. It’s a hassle.
Which is why we created Airslip - a frictionless app that links directly to your bank card and receives everything related to your purchase automatically.
It just works.

Ready to enjoy an easy life?

Get started with the Airslip app

With our quick, easy sign-up process.

Pay as usual

With any debit or credit card, contactless or mobile payment, in-store or online at an Airslip enabled retailer.

Receive everything related to your purchase

Smart receipts | Loyalty points
Warranty info | Digital manuals
Aftercare support & more

Directly to the Airslip app.
As easy as that.

Privacy & Security

Data security is our priority.
Bank Grade Security

To ensure you're protected at all times.


So no one gets hold of your personal information.

A greener future.

Let’s make a difference.

Paper receipts contain the same material as single-use plastic making them non-recyclable contributors to global warming.

Here in the UK, we are given 11.2 billion receipts each year.

Let's end that.
200 thousand trees destroyed during deforestation
28 thousand tonnes of co2 released into the atmosphere
6.5 thousand tonnes of waste going into landfill
1.6 billion litres of water wasted

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