Supporting small businesses in financing, innovation & expansion.

Use Airslip's software to simplify the complexity's around lending through real-time 'source of truth' business applications.

Credit institutions lack clarity about the financial health of their clients

Through traditional sources of data channels
Bank statements

Huge room for human error and risk for fraud

Audited accounts

No ongoing real-time monitoring is open to risk for financial institutions

Credit agencies

Publicly known information is often months out of date

Higher premiums & huge fraud risk

Working with old data means Financial Institutions are working harder not smarter.

Access to financing is a huge barrier for smaller businesses.

Resulting in a lack of innovation & growth.

Audited accounts required for assessing financing not maintained.

Less credibility in the market than larger businesses with no public readily information available.

Informal & young business with not enough financial history for a traditional credit rating.

Time-consuming loan processes with low approval rates meaning businesses can't innovate & scale.

High risk
Unmet capital
Lack of innovation
Slow growth
Unlock the value in your existing customer base.

Financial data insights, instantly.

Data is only valuable if it’s actionable.

We consume data from hundreds of providers, then standardise and provide actionable insights. 

Operating Cash Flow

Debtor & Creditor Days

Net & Gross Profit

Monitoring & Alerts

Get support for your business.

With Airslip's software platform.
Financial data connectivity

Show real-time ongoing financial health to lenders & increase your chances of securing financing.

No application forms

Simply link your banking, accounting, POS and e-commerce providers and get access to funding in minutes.

Visualise your business health

Focus on the data points that matter to you and get tips on where to reduce costs and where to invest.

A fully integrated software platform.

That works for you to provide access to sources of financing & business growth tools.
Financial data connectivity to lenders to show real-time financial health of the business.

Access to sources of capital with a quick approval process.

Customer insights to understand your customer's shopping habits.

Customer engagement platform to put those insights to use & interact with new and existing customers.

Commerce and E-Commerce

Integrations with the leading POS, Commerce & Accounting platforms.

Real-time financial connectivity integrations

Like you, we understand how critical financing can be to a business thriving over merely surviving.

Which is why we created Airslip - a fully integrated software platform that easily integrates with your existing infrastructure helping you access that much needed capital and providing you with tools to make sure your business starts thriving.
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Get financial data connectivity to lenders & tools to start increasing sales.

Why Airslip?

Our promise.

Access Capital Faster

Get access to capital in minutes after linking your business financial applications.


A strategy to become a prominent brand & increase sales through tips & tricks.


Improve financial health to continue innovating, growing & diversifying.

Tools to grow.

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No worries, we analyse your business data and let you know what you need to improve.

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