Our vision is to bring BigTech to SMEs so everyone has a fair opportunity


Who we are.

Airslip is a young technology company that’s building tech for local businesses to support financing, innovation & expansion.

Airslip’s software platform provides local businesses with financial data connectivity to lenders improving the process & access to capital as well as the tools to understand shopping habits of customers, to engage with them and serve them better.

Each local business features on the Airslip app; a platform designed to connect consumers with the local businesses in their area. Consumers receive perks from their favourite local shops and local businesses get the opportunity to utilise having an app to increase customer engagement, retention & loyalty. 

Innovate. Grow. Thrive.
Our belief.

What we believe.

We believe local businesses should be supported in financing, innovation & expansion, the same way big businesses are. 

Small businesses play a major role in most economies but remain largely unsupported in financing, innovation & expansion. Unsupported small businesses with a financing gap causes big businesses to offer better perks meaning consumers don’t shop locally. 

We believe that small businesses deserve a much bigger slice of the pie and so are building a software platform that provides small businesses with access to that much needed capital, whilst strong-arming them with the tools to build, grow & scale.

Simple. Smart. Sustainable.