Our planet, our responsibility.

We’re committed to making a positive change in reducing the global environmental footprint by leading the way in sustainability.

11.2 billion receipts printed each year in the UK alone.

200 thousand trees destroyed during deforestation
28 thousand tonnes of co2 released into the atmosphere
6.5 thousand tonnes of waste going into landfill
1.6 billion litres of water wasted

Costing businesses £32 million annually.

Let’s save the world together.

Trees have numerous benefits to the environment, economy and human life.

Trees not only help increase biodiversity, but they also provide shelter, prevent soil erosion, reduce flooding and drought along with capturing atmospheric carbon.

Our promise.

We have introduced a points-based rewards system that enables consumers to collect points every time they shop with our partner retailers and receive a smart receipt.

We promise to plant 1 tree for every 15,000 points collected to make a real sustainable difference in offsetting carbon emissions.

The benefits of planting trees for humans & the environment.

Known as the lungs of the earth, trees play a crucial role in supporting:

Environmental sustainability is our priority.

We aim to become a net positive carbon emissions company by 2025 and meet the UK’s net-zero goal 25 years early.

Let's keep going.

Your trust in us will be rooted in your environmental and ethical goals.

Our team is here to help you maximise your positive environmental impact with advice and support.

Here are a few other ways you can make a positive change on the environment today:

Join us and take the next step in becoming environmentally sustainable.
Use Airslip points to plant trees.
Plant a garden and help the wildlife around you.
Stop eating (or eat less) meat and don’t waste food.
Unplug your devices & save electricity.
Drive and fly less and use sustainable transport such as a bicycle or electric car.
Don’t buy “fast fashion”, reuse until you cannot any longer, quality lasts.
Eat locally grown fruit & veg that is in season and organic.
Reduce usage of home appliances; wash up, line-dry your clothes.
Moderate indoor heating & air-conditioning; insulate your home.
Recycle, upcycle, repair and reduce your waste.

Let's Be Smart

As humans we need to educate ourselves and others on the environmental damages around us; the damages we are causing.

With just a few simple changes we are on the right track to saving our planet.

Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.