Get perks from all your favourite local businesses to one app.

By simply paying with your normal debit or credit card card.

Loyalty rewards, guarantees, receipts, discounts, cashback & more.

One Secure App

All perks safely received & stored in one place.


Receive perks whilst supporting businesses in your local area.

Smart Features

Warranty & refund notifications and click & collect.

Continue paying as usual with your everyday bank card.

Get big business perks from local businesses in your area.

Airslip was born to help local businesses offer the same benefits to you as big businesses.
No paper loyalty cards. No separate apps or cards.
One secure place that automatically receives and stores all perks.

Earn rewards each time your shop by paying with your normal debit or credit card.

No personal information or barcode scanning needed at the checkout.

See all transactions & perks in one place across multiple bank cards.

It just works.

Ready to start receiving perks from local businesses?

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Pay as usual

With your normal debit or credit card.

Receive perks

Straight to your phone.

As easy as that.

Privacy & Security

Data security is our priority.
Bank Grade Security

To ensure you're protected at all times.


So no one gets hold of your personal information.

A greener future.

Let’s make a difference.

Paper receipts contain the same material as single-use plastic making them non-recyclable contributors to global warming.

Here in the UK, we are given 11.2 billion receipts each year.

Let's end that.
200 thousand trees destroyed during deforestation
28 thousand tonnes of co2 released into the atmosphere
6.5 thousand tonnes of waste going into landfill
1.6 billion litres of water wasted

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