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Increasing legislation around the world means a paperless solution is inevitable. Our technology takes care of receipts letting you focus on your Point of Sale offering.

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  "transactionNumber": "0A00679067291800211125",
  "datetime": "2021-03-01T09:41:00Z",
  "merchantName": "Furniture World",
  "products": [
    "item": "Monte Carlo Dining Set",
    "amount": "3544.99",
    "quantity": "1",
    "description": "The dining set forms part of the ultra modern Monte Carlo living/dining range.",
    "warrantyExpiryDateTime": "2022-03-01T09:41:00Z",
    "imageUrl": "https://www.furnitureworld.co.uk/images/products/large/2472_442.jpg",
    "dimensions": "",
    "dateFirstAvailable": "2018-10-30",
    "manufacturer": "",
    "modelNumber": "GAB123"
Working together.

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Airslip’s proprietary technology works seamlessly alongside you with no interception to the payment or checkout process.

Customer insights are then shared back to you via a dashboard so you can enhance your offering.

Easy integration is at the heart of our API.​

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We provide setup tools

A unique identifier and API key.

The retailer supplies store information

A list of retail locations, store unique identifiers and addresses.

You create a data feed

A simple one-step process to connect to our API endpoint enabling transaction data to be sent from the POS.

We share customer analytics

We create a personalised dashboard and share customer insights and analytics with you and the retailer.

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