The sales journey doesn't need to end once a customer makes a purchase

Save money on acquiring new customers and focus on increasing sales from your existing customers who already trust your brand.

Understand your customers

Collect customer analytics with no consumer habit change to the checkout and payment process .

Analyse data and increase sales

Use customer purchase history to personalise offers on smart receipts and send relevant offers directly to the app.

Increase brand loyalty & customer retention

Learn your customers preferences so you can anticipate their needs and get ahead of the game.

Airslip intends to change the standard way of receiving proof of purchase

Enhancing post-sale customer experience with smart receipts being sent directly to the Airslip app without changing consumer habits at the checkout.

Here is how it works

Customer adds card

Your customer uploads their card details to the Airslip app. Exactly how you would with Apple Pay/Google Pay.

Sale is processed

With no change to the checkout or payment process, the sale is processed via a POS or payment gateway that partners with Airslip.

Transaction linked

Airslip matches the order with the card transaction and sends a smart receipt to the Airslip app.

Your customers can interact with their smart receipt by sharing their purchase and leaving reviews to increase your brand awareness

Our algorithm learns consumer preferences to anticipate their needs providing a personalised post-sale journey

Provide your customers with an intuitive and interactive platform to receive proof of purchase.

Integrate your existing loyalty card scheme or create a new one so customers can earn rewards directly from their debit or credit card

For customers who aren't already loyalty card holders, a one-click sign up process makes onboarding the easiest it has ever been.
Loyalty Card Dummy

Increase loyalty signups

Benefit from an increased number of new loyalty card registrations because your customers can sign up in one click

Increase loyalty usage

Your loyalty cardholders will use the loyalty card 100% of the time as it is linked to their debit or credit card

Focus on your existing loyal customers and watch your revenue grow


Success rate of selling to an existing customer.


Success rate of selling to a new customer.

Getting started with Airslip is simple and free

Check out our pricing page to see what plan best suits you and start enhancing your post-sale customer experience.

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